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Start new habits with our Guided JOurnals

Achieve organization, mindfulness, accountability, and self-discipline.  

guided journals

Our guided journals are the simple first step to achieving organization, mindfulness, accountability, and self-discipline. 

You’ll develop positive life habits that allow you to clear your mind, improve productivity, and organize your thoughts. 

Our journals make a perfect gift, too.


our guided journals


With gratitude comes joy. 

This journal helps you record your favorite moments and practice daily gratitude with simple writing prompts for the morning and evening. 


Track your overall health with entries for sleep, diet, exercise, and mood. 

Complete with prompts to help you review your progress, identify trends and set new goals.


Keep a log of your favorite books! 

Complete with a reading list in the front and a loan list in the back, this guided journal has space for thoughts and reflections on 64 books. 

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