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The BitLoom Co: Wrist strap envelope wallet

Cash Envelope Budgeting ON-The-Go

Budget your cash, organize your cards, and find wallet peace!  

Join thousands of cash budgeters using our wallets for their Dave Ramsey and cash envelope budget systems.  Learn more below, or shop now.

Take Control 

Secure your cash in the 4 cash slots for your on-the-go budget.

Works great with or without a clip system.

You have a plan. You have a budget. Now choose a wallet that helps you pull it all together.

How it workS

Budget Your Cash

Secure your cash in the 4 cash slots for your on-the-go budget. Works great with or without a clip system. 

Keep your change in the zippered coin pocket.

Organize Your Cards

Let’s face it, if you’re using a cash envelope system, you still have to carry your driver’s license, gift cards, store cards, library cards and more. 

Carry your everyday cards in the 6 easy-access card slots. 

Find Wallet Peace

Your cards and cash are secure within our zip around closure system. 

The convenient wrist strap ensures that the wallet stays close. 


Why should I use The On-the-Go Envelope Wallet?

No fumbling through your purse for flimsy paper envelopes! Carry your cash budget and organize your cards with just one wallet.

How big is the wallet?

The wallet measures 8" long x 4" wide x 1" deep.

How many cash slots are there?

The wallet contains 4 slots within the secure zip around wallet.

Is there a spot for change?

Yes! Coins are securely stored in the zippered coin pocket.

I’m currently carrying paper envelopes and I feel like a disorganized mess. Can you help?

Yes! The unique accordian-style file system allows you to organize your spending categories. The On-the-Go Envelope Wallet offers 4 slots for cash envelopes, perfect for a day out!  Our zip around closure system offers you the security and trust that everything stays safely inside.

What about shipping and delivery?

We ship from Connecticut on the next business day after your order is received.  Allow 1-3 business days for delivery.

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